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We're looking for outgoing individuals who love all the benefits float therapy has to offer and are willing to make the experience of our patrons one to remember. 

This Part-Time Float Facilitator position requires the oversight and maintenance of our 4 beautiful tanks. Employees will also take part in greeting and be engaging with customers, learn spa sanitation best practices, and build lasting relationships with our regular customers. 

This is a fast-paced work environment, and successful candidates should have the following attributes:


  • Sales/customer service experience 

  • Friendly, energetic, and self-motivated 

  • General understanding of Floating, benefits, and history 

  • Ability to work with minimum supervision

  • Excellent customer service skill

  • Punctual and flexible with their schedule 

  • Willingness to keep a clean work environment 

  • Ability to move fast when turning rooms over

  • Comfortable working in the public spa environment 

  • Must be available to work weekend


This is a fun and exciting work environment, but it's not for everyone. We have a limited time of time turning rooms over between floats and being able to work quickly and effectively without sacrificing attention to detail is a must. 

Please attached a short cover letter to your resume explaining why you think you'd be a good fit and send to
---- > < ------

We look forward to hearing from you,

- Motor City Float Crew

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