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Dear Motor City Float Community,

We have been following the situation very carefully on both a global, national, and local scale. Though we believe that comfort, relief, and sanctuary is what we all need right now, we feel that closing our float center is the very best way for us to serve our community, the most responsible decision to make.

After much time of analysis and deliberation, sleepless nights and tears, it became quite clear on what we needed to do. If we can do anything to prevent or slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19), we feel we must. 
For anyone with expiring credits, please know we will honor anything that expires during this time of closure.

For members to what degree you are able, we ask that you keep your membership active.  In doing so, this will GREATLY help us to weather this storm and ensure we are here to assist you after we find our way to the other side. If you are not able, no judgment, just let us know how we can best serve you.

For ALL members who keep their memberships active during this closure, we will double your monthly credit as an incentive. Thank you for your love and support.



In gratitude and love,



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