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Stress relief, your Immunity, and COVID-19 Prevention Measures 

As the world moves into a period of heightened safety awareness concerning the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), Motor City Float would like to take a few moments to directly address the importance of immune health, stress reduction, the highest-levels of cleanliness, and how floatation therapy is one of several crucial tools you can use to support yourself during this stressful time.


Common questions you may have.


Can floating help my immune system? 

It's well documented that stress, with an associated rise in a hormone called cortisol, weakens the body's immune system responses. A lack of sleep or rest also is detrimental to the immune system. Medical experts are reporting that people who are already ill or have weakened immune systems are most vulnerable to becoming ill with the coronavirus. Many people are feeling stressed or anxious because of the changes in their daily life caused by the virus. Floating is restorative to the body and mind and has been found to reduce cortisol. So if you are looking for ways to support your immune system, floating is a great method. 


How are you cleaning your facilities to minimize transmission?

The Center for Disease Control says that the coronavirus is transmitted through respiratory droplets that land on surfaces that are subsequently touched by someone else and then transferred to the eyes, nose, or mouth. Additionally, the CDC says that "There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs."



A. Social Distancing 

Floating is a solitary activity. All of our float rooms are private. Your float room is yours, and no one else is in the float room with you. At most, we have only a couple of other clients in the facility, and most of the time, everyone is in their own rooms. *We have decided to forgo with snacks in our tranquility room but you may ask one of our staff to personally get you some if you're interested in a cookie or two after your float :-)


B. Disinfecting Surfaces

From day one of opening our doors here at Motor City Float, we've always made it our top priority to provide the upmost cleanliest float space. We are using disinfecting wipes with bleach and/or hydrogen peroxide on surfaces and handles each client leaves, including all handles in the float rooms and bathrooms. For the safety of everyone, we are booking fewer float sessions so we can make sure we can do an extra thorough job of disinfecting everything.


C. Hand washing

Our staff is well-versed in washing their hands after cleaning float rooms, but the message has been reiterated to them to wash hands throughout the day and before and after cleaning the float rooms, common areas and bathrooms.


Can the Coronovirus live in the float water?  

The high level of salinity is highly anti-microbial. In addition, since any floater learns quickly not to touch their eyes, nose, or mouth with salty hands, the chances of transmission through the water is negligible. Mentioned previously, the CDC says that "There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs."



Between every float, our water is filtered three full turnovers and sanitized using high-end ultraviolet light disinfectant system, with ozone injection at the final stage. A 35% industrial-grade hydrogen peroxide is also added for balancing out water chemistry. Additionally, the high-saline solution has proven resistant in lab tests to almost every living organism. We clean every float room between each guest, sanitizing all surfaces that people touch with safe and highly effective Simple Green PROD-5 (a food-safe industrial disinfectant used in both hospitals and food packaging facilities). Throughout the day we also regularly disinfect all common areas of Motor City Float, including door handles, tablets, countertops, bathroom areas, etc.


What about the air in the tank? 

Our float rooms are designed for a high level of fresh air circulation. Although the air can feel a bit heavy at times due to humidity, the air itself is exchanged continuously throughout your float and in between floats. Each float room is equipped with an Industrial grade fan which is turned on durning cleaning to draw out any air that maybe stagnate.  When cleaning the float cabin, we leave the float door open allowing a full airing out of the float cabin in between sessions and are spraying the wall surface inside the tank with a Lysol hydrogen peroxide product as a precautionary in case of any respiratory droplets land on it. 


Finally, if you are feeling ill, please stay home. Floating is to aid in the prevention of illness, not curative once you are sick.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please write or call us as we are here to support you.


In gratitude and love,


Your friends at MCF 

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